Love Warrior


Recently, I decided to start checking out some of the books that Oprah recommends and “Love Warrior” was the first one. In my time spent on the internet, I’ve come across a mention of her book club and reading lists, so I thought I would start mixing them in.

If I had to describe this book in one word it would have to be real. I was struck by the beauty of the writing and how easily the story seemed to just flow.

“Love Warrior” is a story of beauty. Glennon Doyle Melton brought to life, in her view, the struggles of being a girl, or just sometimes the struggles of life. I enjoyed reading about how she found herself along the way and she didn’t quit. The fact that she never gave up is inspiration alone.

Yes, this is another short review, but I am having difficulties trying to find a way to write about this book any more than I have. This is a book that just needs to be read.

Invasion of Privacy

This book was just the mystery read that I needed after what felt like a drought in the genre. I found this gem of a read wandering the shelves of the library looking for a book with a cover at least 50% black to satisfy the requirement for a reading challenge I was participating in on Goodreads. I was not disappointed with my choice, and so I would like to share my thoughts without giving away any spoilers.

“Invasion of Privacy” had the classic elements of a mystery.  It involved a murder with the truth hidden, the bad guys make sure they protect themselves, and a few other people the seemed to stumble into the story.There is also the good guys  who refuse to give up their mission until it is accomplished.

The best part of the story would have to be the eerie feeling I was left as a reader. With the involvement of technology in the story, it made me wonder how possible this would be in the present day. I love how my attention was captured so much, and I feel it adds to the quality of the story.

I’m sorry this is such a short review, but it’s hard for me to talk about without giving away too many details. Highly recommend you check it out!

The Devil in the White City

On the cover img_20170216_085743_083it says, “MURDER, MAGIC, AND MADNESS AT THE FAIR THAT CHANGED AMERICA”, which is what drew me into reading this book. However, to me it contained more magic and madness than murder. Sure, part of the story involves a serial killer who hid his tracks well, but I feel as though it wasn’t the main focus until the end. Even during that part it wasn’t as thrilling as I had hoped for.

All the talk about the World Fair had me in awe and wonder. The event that was created impacted life farther out in the future than I think the creators imagined. It seemed as though the main focus was to out do Paris, and to bring pride to Chicago. The end result brought so much more to the table. In the process of building the fair they offered benefits to employees that had never been done before, breaking the barrier in employee relations. They also created jobs during a time period where unemployment rates were sky high. It was the most attended peaceful event in history at the time. Some of the display exhibits included items we use in our everyday lives. The World Fair also presented us with the Ferris Wheel.

The magic of the World Fair and its creation is inspiring. Throughout reading the story it left me to wonder what an event like this would bring us in the modern age. Would flying cars become a reality?

The murder side of “The Devil in the White City” did give me the shivers. This man preyed on woman who were especially easy targets (no fault to them given the time period). He would bring on the charm and promise them extravagant things they may not get or do on their own. On top of that he didn’t pay any debts accrued with his businesses and even when dealing with other men he came out winning. His way of claiming not to be the bad guy is sickening. The detectives had their work cut out for them to ensure he got the punishment that he deserved for his cruel actions.

Despite the bit of disappointment I had judging the book from the cover I would still recommend this book. There is so much more to the story that readers can benefit from. If you read this book I hope it leaves with the same feeling of awe and imagination it left me with.

Eat Pray Love

img_20170213_093729_647If you’re looking for a book to read about somebody going on a sort of soul searching, discover yourself journey this would be a good choice for you. I found this book to be a rather heart warming read and an inspiration for if I ever decide to do a similar journey for myself.
As I was reading Eat Pray Love I found myself wishing I had a highlighter in hand for a few sentences. This is very unlike me to want to mark up a book, but this one had some passages I wanted to take with me. Next time I read this book I will have a highlighter at the ready.

When the story started out in Italy Elizabeth Gilbert had me confused with the time jumps. I honestly sat there wondering if the story of how she came to the journey may have been better off is a prologue rather than mixed in where it was. Then again, maybe this reflected more of her story where she placed it. After that the story line was easy to follow. It was a lot of fun to read about all the pleasure that she found while staying there.

Next stop on her journey was India. This section had me in awe and wonder at the power behind her meditation and yoga practice. The power behind the mind can leave me speechless and that is how I felt when reading about all the various experiences she had throughout her meditation practice and while performing jobs at the Ashram. I also loved how real and open she was with her feelings and desire to go back to previous relationships with men.

When she arrives at Indonesia this part of the journey seemed like an afterthought from the way she wrote about it.There was a lot of happiness, caring and love in this part of the journey that brought it together in a full circle sort of manor. Each place provided her with something different, and by the time she reached the end she seemed like an improved version of herself.

Gone Girl

img_20170121_182806_390Gone Girl was a thriller of a book, and I was hooked with curiosity early on. The twists and turns that Gillian Flynn included were just what I was in the mood for, and there were multiple times I went “huh” or “what?!?” while I was reading the book.

I’m so glad I finally decided to read this book. In all honesty, as sad as it may be to admit, I only knew about this book from the movie. A few years ago when the movie came out I was making a care package for a friend and thought the trailer looked good so I included the book without reading it first. I know, it wasn’t my greatest book gifting moment. Any who…this book lived up to its reputation in my mind of being gripping like the trailer for the movie.

The thing that I enjoyed most about this book was how captivated I was by the story. Gillian Flynn did an excellent job of leaving out just the right amount of details, and then revealing them later on in the story. As I was reading I would sit there and wonder what was I not being told about the characters lives.

Spoiler alert! One of my other favorite aspects was the plot twists that made the story what it was. Gillian Flynn did a most excellent job with this. Right when I thought Nick was going to get busted for what he did to his wife Amy, we find out she is alive and actually framed him because he’s not the greatest husband there ever was.

Another spoiler alert! I was disappointed by Nick’s character at the end of the story. I was hoping he would get his wife for what she did to Desi, that with some secret plotting behind her back justice would finally be had. Instead he became the man who doesn’t have a pair balls and stays with his psychotic wife.


img_20161205_235412Full disclosure, I was not happy with the ending. I actually came close to throwing the book across the room which is unusual for me.

Now that I got that out of the way, I’m ready to get down to business. In my eyes, Americanah, is a coming of age story with one of the most beautiful and unexpected love stories I’ve ever read mixed in. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie portrays the characters in an easily relatable manner with her beautiful writing style. There was an easy flow of reading, especially with the story jumping from the past to the present.

One of my favorite aspects of Americanah is how my eyes were opened up to another view on American life. When Ifemelu moves to America to go to school, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie put me in her shoes and I began to see the oddities that we consider normal. As Ifemelu spends more time in America, attending school and eventually starting a blog I started to think she had a real future in America. Then she moved back and I was left thinking “Why would she do something like that?” While, at the same time I sympathize and relate to her going back home where she can be herself and feel whole again. That is not an easy thing to do at times in this day and age.